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King of Air Battle


King of Air Battle is the masterpiece air combat game in 2016.Intense flight shooting, real time changing weather system, together with the stunning dynamic scene effect, come and enjoy this creative air combat game!The background is the Pacific Theater of WWII, as allied ace, you need get the absolutely control of the sky to help the Navy win the war!
You can choose to drive any well-known fighter of WWII, and upgrade the property to strengthen it. You will get rich rewards from each victory in battle!
As a combat simulation game, good game operation is essential. You can touch the way to control your fighter flexible to avoid various attacks, fight back and be fatal as well. Excellent dynamic scene effects bring a different visual experience, changing weather system brings a higher degree of difficulty of the challenge!
★Features★★★★★★Realistic scenes, excellent pictures★★★★★Perfect to restore all kinds of aircrafts★★★★★Excellent sound★★★★★Easy to play★★★★★Rich game details